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Why Soy


Soy Candles vs

Paraffin Wax Candles

There are countless advantages to purchasing soy candles.

  • Soy is better for your overall health.
  • Made from vegetables.
  • 100% natural nontoxic burn, that is pure and safe.
  • It burns cleaner and won’t ruin your walls.
  • Cleans easily with soap and water.
  • Made naturally from soy wax, a processed form of soybean oil.
  • A more environmentally-friendly choice for people and pets.
  • Burns longer (getting your money’s worth)
  • Soy candles have a longer-lasting scent filling your room with a beautiful aroma.

Why you shouldn’t purchase paraffin wax candles.

  • Made from Petroleum.
  • Emits harmful vapor when burned.
  • Emits black soot.
  • Has cancer-causing agents.
  • Must be mixed with chemicals to release the fragrance.
  • Non-biodegradable.
  • Supports the oil industry.
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