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Lifestyles By Hailey

Black Mini Scent Diffuser - Generation 1

$299.99 CAD

Welcome to the world of Lifestyles By Hailey scenting! With your Lifestyles By Hailey scent diffuser, you’ll be able to create a unique ambiance in a few simple steps. Through the advanced technology of Cold-Air Diffusion, your discreet and sleek Lifestyles By Hailey diffuser is a convenient and practical solution to enhance any space you desire.

Using innovative cold air diffusion technology, meaning that during the high-pressurized dispersion process the fragrance oils are transformed into a lightweight, dry nano-mist, which stays suspended in the air longer and offers more coverage. This type of advanced atomization technology is also residue free and safe for pets, children and furniture.

AT CHECK OUT, kindly provide your preference of your FREE scented oil in the notes section.

Key Features

  • Scents up to 400 square feet with ease and efficiency.
  • No residue.
  • Safe for pets, children and furniture.
  • Compatible with 120mL bottles.
  • Remote-control to easily regulate scent density and schedule.


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Additional information

Weight3.5 lbs
Dimensions4.25 × 8.125 × 12.75 in


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